Friday, June 26, 2015


Last night my wife and I went to the Fraze Pavilion to watch the Led Zeppelin cover band Get The Led Out.  After getting up at 3:30 AM that morning and working 13 hours, I wouldn't have been too bummed out if the earlier downpours had continued and we decided to skip this outdoor show.  Thankfully, the weather cleared and we got to experience a fantastic concert.  GTLO are a dead-on sounding Zeppelin tribute band.  They don't set out to look like the band (the singer admitted to looking like Howard Stern...although one guitarist looked an awful lot like Robert Plant) but rather concentrate on re-creating the sound of Zeppelin's studio albums.  They even pulled out a theremin and what I think was a bit of turntablism to produce the mid-song freakout from Whole Lotta Love.  Great show all around.

The front and back of a late 1970s sticker from WPLJ in New York City.  They carried an Album Rock format from 1971 until 1983 before flipping to CHR.

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