Friday, June 5, 2015


The front and back of a KBCM (K Big Country Music) listener card from Sioux City, Iowa.  According to the always handy Broadcasting Yearbook, KBCM was established on March 11, 1974 at 95.5 FM.  Strangely, every Yearbook from 1975 through 1983 lists the station as being at 95.5 FM with no evidence of it being located around 105 FM as shown on the card.  (The 1984 edition shows that the call letters had been changed to KGLI).  1470 AM had the call letters KTRI in 1975 and KWSL through at least 1986 when I got bored and stopped indication that 1470 AM ever held the call letters KBCM.  If anyone has any info they would like to shed on this, leave a comment below.

UPDATE:  Ignore everything you just read.  See comments.


  1. KBCM 1470 & 104.9, Trementon, Utah. AM no longer exists; FM is now 105.1 KAUU Manti-Salt Lake City.

  2. The "Coca Cola of Ogden" should have been an obvious indicator that KBCM was from Utah, not Iowa. Thanks a lot for the info....much appreciated.