Tuesday, July 14, 2015


KRYT (a reference to 107.9 FM being on the far right of the radio dial) was a Top-40 outlet in Pueblo, Colorado starting in 1986.  The station later became KDZA with an Oldies format and are currently branded as "Z107.9" playing Classic Rock.


  1. Hi Greg! I believe that Y-108 sticker actually belongs to KRXY - the top 40 station that rocked Lakewood/Denver from 1985 to 1993. I have a sticker just like it, and that's where it's from. KRXY used to be KPPL, or K-People as we called it in the early 80's. Y108 was a great station. Listened to it quite a bit. It was owned by Cap Cities/ABC until Jefferson Pilot bought it and, unfortunately, pulled the plug on the Y108 moniker in 93. It is possible, though, that Pueblo had the same logo, but I think this one here is from KRXY.

  2. I appreciate you letting me know about this Gary. I removed the "Y108" sticker and gave it its own post found here:
    Thanks for the info!