Sunday, July 26, 2015

Mexico - Day 5 - XHRL

After yesterday's excitement, we decided to take it easy at the beach and relax.

The pathway to the beach from the resort.

In the trees on either side of the walkway and at various places around the resort, we would see these interesting animals called coatimundi.  They had slender, pointy heads and tails as long as their bodies and we were told not to feed them.  One of our shuttle drivers told us he keeps a coati as a pet.

Suck it in.

Food was everywhere at the resort and the beach was no exception.  A full buffet was available just a short walk away from our beach umbrella.  This chef is preparing some kind of seafood and rice concoction in the world's largest wok.

Dinner that night was at one of many restaurants at the resort.  After ordering off the menu we were told to get something from the "salad bar" which was basically another gigantic buffet of epic proportions.  Only after drinking tequila could I be convinced to put on that ridiculous sombrero.

XHRL "Genesis 98.1 FM" broadcasts from Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico.

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