Monday, November 16, 2009

Amusing Call Letters #4 - WLSD

On this date in 1938 Albert Hofmann first synthesized the drug LSD at his lab in Switzerland. Hofmann discovered LSD's psychedelic properties when he accidentally ingested some in 1943. In the 1950s the Central Intelligence Agency began a research program which studied the effects of LSD (commonly known as acid) on their own employees, the military, the mentally ill and other members of the general public usually without their knowledge. Code named Project MKULTRA, the experiments weren't publically known until the mid-1970s. Possession of LSD was banned in 1968 which didn't stop the hippies from tripping on the brown acid a year later at Woodstock.

WLSD FM hit the air in 1975 with a Beautiful Music format. 93.5 is currently the Country music station WAXM. WLSD (Where Love Sounds Different) AM went on the air in 1953 and currently carries a Sothern Gospel Religious format. Both stations are licensed to Big Stone Gap, Virginia.

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