Tuesday, November 3, 2009


I was driving in downtown Dayton yesterday when I pulled up behind a sport utility vehicle made by Saab. My eyes (as they always do) immediately focused on the car's bumper sticker which was a black and white, Euro-style oval that simply said "OI" for Oak Island, North Carolina. Then I noticed the model name of the Saab was "97X" which also happens to have been one of the greatest little radio stations of all time.

WOXY was an Alternative/Modern Rock station from Oxford, Ohio. They existed from 1983 until 2004 at which point they switched to an online-only radio station. 97X never had a great signal and could be a difficult catch in Dayton--even parts of their main market in Cincinnati had a tough time getting clear reception. Along with their weak signal, WOXY's playlist was huge which is probably why they continually suffered weak ratings. Back when I had access to radio trade magazines, I was always amazed at the size of their playlist which was easily 3 or 4 times larger than a traditional, commercial alternative station. Even though they broadcast from the home of Miami University, 97X wasn't a college station although their song choices mirrored what many university radio stations played. The first (and last, terrestrially) song they ever spun was "Sunday Bloody Sunday" by U2.


  1. WOXY has gone from one extreme to the other (both geographically & politically) as they are now based out of Austin, Texas.

  2. Rock In Peace WOXY A.K.A. 97X 1983-2004.