Sunday, November 8, 2009


WYYY was a 1970s-era Rock station licensed to Kalamazoo, Michigan. Looking at an old playlist, it's interesting to see what was played at WYYY--Roberta Flack, Seals & Crofts and Lobo might be considered too light even for today's Soft Rock stations let alone "Kalamazoo's Solid Rocker!!!"


  1. I worked at WYYY right out of high school, from 79 to 81 during the time it was changed back to WKLZ. Then in 85 I started at WQSN, which took over the 1470AM frequency in Kalamazoo. It is now dark. - Tim Brown

  2. My first job after my 2-year Army hitch was at WYYY. Owner Bud Popke hired me to bew a sales rep. Worked there from 1971, to 1975, when I moved to WOOD Radio 1300 in Grand Rapids. Four years at WYYY were the best education possible. Except for a brief hiatus in the healthcare business, I spent over 38 years in radio advertising sales and management.

    1. Hello! I wonder if you knew my dad, who worked at WYYY: Ron Newhouse, the Big Dutchman?