Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Big Apple

We flew into New York City yesterday for a surprise visit to my stepson who's off-Broadway show opened Friday night. We saw last night's performance and it was hysterical. If you like comedy, improv and a little audience participation then this show is for you. Great stuff. Reid, we are SO proud of you.

This morning we strolled around a flea market and then had breakfast at a place called Hell's Kitchen. I ordered the pancakes but they brought what I think was French toast instead. Good thing though because those doughy slabs of cinnamony goodness were unbelievably awesome. After that we took the subway down to Battery Park and hopped a ferry to the Statue of Liberty. The green lady is much larger and majestic in person and up close. We weren't able to go up into the crown but just walking around the base was impressive enough.

Next we walked around Wall Street and Ground Zero. They appear to be conducting some preliminary construction on something but no one can agree what should be built. Lots of cranes and workers but not much rising up into the sky. The 9-11 families want a memorial and businessmen want a replacement structure. Surely there's a way to do both.

Next was dinner at a dumpy yet delicious Mexican joint called La Paloma. We then gathered up Reid after his matinee show and headed towards Times Square. This place was like being inside a television set; massive building-sized billboards and gigantic, multi-story TV screens lit up the night. An overload of advertising and people watching that we've all seen on New Year's Eve but it's something else to experience in person.

Then it was a short stroll to a place that I still can't believe exists--The NHL Store on the Avenue of the Americas. I love hockey and this store is an orgy of jerseys, shirts, hats, skates...anything you can think of from all 30 National Hockey League teams (as well as some that don't exist anymore.) Saw some very cool throwback Buffalo Sabres gear that I somehow resisted purchasing.
Off we went, this time to Magnolia's Bakery for a slice of Snicker's pie and chunky banana pudding which we ate while watching the skaters at Rockefeller Center.

After a quick stop at the hotel it was back to the subway for a ride to the East Village. Had a couple Brooklyn Winter Ales and watched the Colts/Patriots game. Our 5:30 wake up call was fast approaching so we called it a night. All in all, a brief yet busy first-time visit to The Big Apple.

Radio logo-wise I saw a handful of WHTZ "Z100" stickers on a few cars as well as a Radio Lausitz button pinned to a German tourist's backpack (which I could have easily stolen as I was standing right behind him in line for Statue of Liberty tickets.) I also saw this sticker slapped on the side of a hot dog cart.

New York does indeed rock. Thanks for showing us the city Reid and Jason!!

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  1. Hey Can You Find Some WAPP/WQHT Hot 103 Stickers?