Friday, December 11, 2009


CFPL (CFree Press London--after the newspaper that originally owned it) is an Active Rock station in London, Ontario. They're Canada's third-oldest FM station having gone on the air in 1948 with a mostly Classical format. According to the web site I regularly steal from research, CFPL pumps out the rock and roll with an astounding 179,000 watts.


  1. Actually according to the Industry Canada database CFPL is 150,000 watts Average ERP and a whopping 300,000 watts Maximum ERP,

  2. By the way Greg, I need this CFPL sticker. Do you have a DUPE?

  3. I've even seen one website claim CFPL as having 380,000 watts. I decided to go with FM 96's own site which I just now noticed says both 150,000 and 179,000 watts on the same page:
    Sorry, no dupe on this one.