Wednesday, December 30, 2009


KBIU ("K-Bayou") seems to have had a few formats after switching from AOR as "Nova 104" KGRA in 1981. I've found aircheck websites listing them variously as Top-40, Rock 40, Classic Rock and Hot AC. KBIU was located at 103.7 FM and licensed to Lake Charles, Louisiana. KBIU is currently a Jack FM Adult Hits station at 103.3 FM with the same city of license.


  1. I was a DJ at Nova 104 from 1978 to 1980. I worked at KBIU for a month or so...of the two NOVA 104 was the best. There never has been a station like NOVA 104 and looks like there never will be again. I often pull out my old radio shows and listen and the music we played was and is timeless. I got the greatest musical education working those two years at NOVA under the tutelage of R.L., Sky, Josh, Janelle, Vince, Dave and a few others. These air personalities had versatile musical tastes that helped me expand mine. I have quit listening to radio over the last 15 years as once you've had the best nothing else can compare. I have a copy of the NOVA 104 bumper sticker if you would like to add it to your the radio station was, the bumper sticker is unique and pretty cool.

    Thanks for letting me ramble.

    Mark Russell (aka Nova 104 air personality Robyn Daniels)

  2. Just wondering if you knew KBIU DJ Ed Ryan...