Friday, January 4, 2013

Puerto Rico, Day 3 - WMDD

The following day was spent almost entirely bumming around on Caracas Beach on the southern coast of Vieques.  While there, I made the mistake of trying to retrieve a boy's inflatable ball which had gotten away from him and was in deep water.  I started swimming towards it but the breeze kept blowing it further out and down the shoreline.  I finally realized that I didn't want to drown attempting to save a stupid $2.00 ball and returned to shore empty handed and completely out of breath.  Other than almost dying, it was a really relaxing day!

That night we took we took some kayaks to Mosquito Bay and explored the world's brightest bioluminescent body of water.  This bio-bay is full of microscopic organisms which glow in the water when touched.  It was amazing to see a million lights around the kayak, appearing with every stroke of the oar.  When you cupped some water and let it fall it was like watching stars drip out of your hands.  It was really trippy and cool!  Adding to the beauty was a clear, almost moonless sky and pitch darkness which brought out every star imaginable above us.  Pictures didn't come out unfortunately, but we did manage to get a shot of a fish that jumped onto my wife's lap which she then threw to the tour guide.

1480 AM WMDD airs a Spanish Tropical format located in Fajardo, Puerto Rico, easily within listening range of Isla de Vieques which lies about 8 miles to the east.

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