Sunday, January 6, 2013

Puerto Rico, Day 5 - WZNT

This day was spent hiking in the El Yunque National Forest.  We hiked it last year too, but never made it to the top before running out of daylight.  Last year's hike was also dry unlike this time when it rained non-stop.  I had never experienced rain so hard and so unrelenting.  The drops hurt when they hit your face and our little ponchos eventually became useless as every square inch of our bodies were soaked clear through.  I guess it's to be expected in a tropical rainforest.

Near the top is a small structure where we ate lunch and "dried off."  We took a paved service road back down which was much shorter than the trail up but not nearly as scenic.

"Zeta 93" WZNT is a Spanish Tropical station in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

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  1. Nice sticker, with lots of memories attached.

    David Gleason
    First GM, WZNT, San Juan