Monday, January 18, 2010


I finally began organizing my miniature radio stickers this past weekend. They would have been lost or crushed if they lived in the bins with the regular sized stickers so for years I tossed them into a cookie tin and forgot about them.
Now I’m about a third of the way through sorting them and giving each state or province their own envelope.

I’ve also found a few duplicates for trading that I didn’t know I had. One other thing I rediscovered was a series of vintage stickers that I’m guessing came out around the early 1970s for various stations around the country. Most are rectangular or square with rounded edges and brown paper backing, although a few are round or even shield shaped. They also have a feel to them similar to a patch...almost like they were made of denim (click the sticker to see the texture better.) I’ll be posting one of these classic stickers every day this week.

We’ll start with KDDD AM & FM from the panhandle city of Dundas, Texas.

The DDD comes from the song I’m a Ding Dong Daddy From Dumas which was penned by bandleader and songwriter Phil Baxter in the 1920s. Shortly after World War II, KDDD went on the air and used Ding Dong as its theme song and later commissioned an artist to create the station mascot of a cartoon cowboy with microphone. Today KDDD FM is an Oldies station with a heavy local news/sports/weather emphasis. The AM side doesn't appear to have a presence on the internet but is either Country or Spanish depending on which website you believe.

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  1. Great system for the small stickers Greg! Mine are mixed in with the bigger stickers, charts, coverage maps, etc. in the main file folders.....and yes I have noticed that some of them have been damaged.

    I eventually plan to buy about 100 little plastic baskets at the $1.00 store and seperate all the magnets, buttons, key chains, balloons, pens, etc. by state & province (I'll probably need a dozen baskets for California alone).