Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Radio in the Movies #3 - "Power 98"

"Power 98" is a laughably bad, not-so-thrilling thriller starring Eric Roberts, Jason Gedrick and Jennie Garth. Roberts plays Karlin Pickett, a Los Angeles talk radio shock jock who brings in big ratings with sub-Howard Stern antics like strip poker, Rate-The-Butt and lots of sex talk. Then women start dying and the alleged killer starts calling the station. The ratings shoot even higher as the police search for clues. All the while, his sidekick Jon Price (Gedrick) lets the success of the show go to his head and he neglects his girlfriend Sharon Penn (Garth.)
This movie is a real low-budget piece of crap. The guns-drawn showdown at the end even employs the old movie cliché where a character who thinks he's going to get away with his crime confesses to everything not knowing that he's being recorded on a wire taped to a guy's chest. If you're into bad movies, try to dig up this clunker on VHS (there's no way this ever made it to DVD.)

At the beginning of the movie Robert's character is working at KPHX in Phoenix who are also thanked in the credits (possibly for the tower shots at the beginning and end of the film.)

KPHX is a Liberal Talk station in PHoeniX, Arizona. They were a News station until 1974 at which point they flipped to Spanish and remained with that format for almost thirty years. Since then they've tried Comedy and Adult Standards before settling on Progressive Talk.

I only have one sticker from a station using the branding "Power 98."

KZGZ is a Rhythmic Contemporary (i.e. Hip Hop and R&B) station licensed to Agana, Guam.

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  1. You know greg, there's also a Power 98 in North Carolina as WPEG Power 98 FM.