Wednesday, January 13, 2010


I had never heard of Jan C. Gabriel until yesterday but his trademark "Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!" exclamation in radio and TV commercials for drag strips and speedways are almost an American institution.

        The "echoing Sunday" bit is still used all the time, often in parodies but mostly in Monster Truck Rally voiceovers (along with another favorite, "You'll pay for the entire seat...but you'll only need the edge!") Gabriel died this past Sunday (Sunday! Sunday!....sorry) of kidney disease at the age of 69. His credits include a long list of Chicago-area media work as well as the president of an advertising agency. In the early 1960s, Gabriel was a DJ at WJOB in northwestern Indiana.

Here's a miniature Weatherline sticker from WJOB:
WJOB is a News/Talk/Sports station licensed to Hammond, Indiana.

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