Sunday, January 24, 2010


1980's Broadcasting Yearbook lists Aiken, South Carolina's WLOW AM as Top-40 although they were probably still an MOR station when this 1970s-era sticker came out. By 1981 they had switched calls to WKTX while WLOW FM became WPBM. After that it's a complete mystery what happened to these frequencies. There are no longer any stations licensed to Aiken at either 1300 AM or 95.9 FM although there is a WLOW at 107.9 FM further downstate in Port Royal with a Soft AC format. I also wonder if there is a story behind the carousel...or whatever that thing is. Anybody know?

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  1. I can tell you that the original WLOW was called "Carousel Radio" though I don't know why. It was always an MOR station. Never knew it as Top-40 at all. Some time in the mid-80's the AM went dark and the FM changed frequencies and moved to Augusta as WRXR.