Saturday, January 30, 2010

Today is Escape Day

The parade of fake, meaningless "holidays" continues with Escape Day. No one seems to know how Escape Day started or what one is exactly supposed to do to celebrate it although this Irish website has a few stupid ideas.

WSDP "88.1 FM The Escape" is an Alternative Rock station operating from Salem High School in the School District of Plymouth, Michigan. They went on the air in 1972 at 89.3 FM before swapping frequencies in 1977 with Eastern Michigan University's WEMU who were at 88.1 FM.

A pinback button (with an oddly offset "s" in music.)



  2. I went to Plymouth Salem from 79 - 82 and I never even knew they had a radio station, but then I was in the third floor girls room skipping class and smoking and being bad. HA HA HA. and ended up getting kicked out. But I'm strangly sentimental about it. Quite proud I was so bad I got kicked out and a boy wrote about me on the wall. I was devastated and told my friends "Well, there goes my reputation." Seems funny now but I was really worried about it then. Well I did escape.
    Don't worry, got my GED went to Western University and made the Deans List! I still feel a rebel inside though!