Sunday, September 22, 2013


After New York City's WXRK flipped to Talk in 2005, the call letters were transferred to Cleveland, Ohio's WXTM which was co-owned by CBS Radio.  The new "92.3 K-Rock" flipped from Active Rock to Modern Rock and essentially mirrored the NYC "K-Rock" right down to the format, frequency and a very similar logo.  When 92.3 FM in New York flipped back to Alternative and re-took the WXRK call letters in 2007, the Cleveland "K-Rock" took the calls WKRI and a few months later changed them again to WKRK.  The Cleveland Heights, Ohio licensed station is currently a Sports station known as "92.3 The Fan."

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  1. Hey Greg, can you find some classic WAPL and KPKE bumper stickers?