Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Radio 538

Radio 538 (pronounced as "five three eight") went on the air in 1992 from Bussum, Netherlands.  Their Top-40/Dance format is broadcast up and down the 102 FM band depending on the region of the country.  The 538 name comes from the mediumwave frequency of the influential offshore station Radio Veronica.  Radio 538 is currently based in the town of Hilversum aka "Media City." Hilversum is the home of many radio and television outlets including international public broadcaster Radio Netherlands.  Some old radio sets even had a Hilversum setting on their dial.  (Click it bigger.)

I heard this song for the first time about a year ago.  Except for the ending which meanders a bit, I think it's just about a perfect pop song.  Why this wasn't a hit in America is beyond me although I imagine that DJs probably couldn't pronounce "Trijntje Oosterhuis."  I'm posting it here because it was performed live in a Radio 538 studio.

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