Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Amusing Call Letters #3 - KUMM

KUMM is a 500-watt Alternative station from the University of Minnesota Morris. The call letters are derived from the school's name but the single sperm cell in their logo leaves little doubt about which "KUMM" they're referring to. With call letters like that it's a short leap to provocative station slogans such as "Sowing The Seeds Of New Music Since 1972" and "KUMM Is For Lovers."  KUMM's website has shirts and stickers for sale so support college radio and pick one up here.


  1. Australia's had a few suspicious call-signs too... "3BO" was a name that was always on the nose (and it's still on the air today as "3BO FM")

    And we've also had "2KY" and "6KY" whose letters also have a somewhat more salacious meaning these days (and both stations have since dropped referring to those call letters!).

    And one Adelaide radio station, 5DN, in the '70s decided to brand itself as "When Adelaide Needs to Know" and it was not until after the campaign started with large outdoor ads that they realised what those initials actually spelt!

  2. You can stream KUMM (pun intended) at www.kumm.org