Saturday, September 26, 2009

Fish Amnesty Day

Yesterday was Fish Amnesty Day--another harebrained idea from the goofballs at the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. The idea is that fishing is bad because it hurts the little critters so you should throw away all your poles and hooks. Since you shouldn't catch fish it follows that you also shouldn't eat them. No problem here. Fish tastes disgusting and I avoid it like the plague. The closest I get to ingesting any seafood is a daily fish oil supplement that I manage to take with all my other vitamins. Even the fish burps from those pills is kinda gross.

Having said that, it just so happens that I'm going fishing today with my son. He built his own boat which we tested last weekend and now he'd like to use it for real.

"Fish" branded stations are almost always Contemporary Christian formatted. They usually use the ichthys (Greek for "fish") symbol as their logo which was used by early Christians as a secret symbol.

WFHM (W For HiM) -- Cleveland, Ohio.

KFIS -- Scappoose, Oregon.

KAIM -- Honolulu, Hawaii


  1. For cod sakes what is the porpoise of this? I think you betta get a tuna up.

  2. Don't be an aholehole.
    (look it up)

  3. Aholehole? That really smelt! You might think that I have a herring problem? Better clam up & get salmon else to provide me with daily sticker updates.