Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Seattle's KUBE started out in the mid-1960s as Religious station KBLE. In 1981 they switched to a straight-up Top-40 format and later changed calls to KUBE. They currently run a Hip-Hop/R&B/CHR format with the clunky title of Rhythmic Contemporary Hit Radio.

Today is "Stay Away From Seattle Day," a semi-humorous attempt to give "America's Best Place To Live" a break from the influx of unwashed masses who keep visiting and relocating there. So please don't move to that great city in the Pacific Northwest and for God's sake don't listen to KUBE.


  1. Here's a 1974 KNHC-FM/Seattle radio sticker:

    The station later changed their on-air identity
    to 'C89' - and here's 2 from the same station (circa 1996):

    They're now at

  2. Back in the '80s, people in the Puget Sound used to have fun with the bottom KUBE sticker, namely rearranging/altering the call letters to spell PUKE 93 FM or NUKE 93 FM

    1. Ew!

      Well, These days KUBE has moved up the dial to 104.9 after 35 years with 93.1.

  3. JAM Jingle Singers: Musicradio!, KUBE!