Saturday, October 3, 2009

Mystery Sticker #9

Anybody know where this Eagle 102.9 sticker is from? If it helps any, the backing has a coupon from a place called Buffalo's Cafe which expired in December of 1997.
Holy crap...I just Googled "Buffalo's Cafe" to try to figure out what part of the country this station is/was from and their website has a picture of "The Big Pounder." No wonder Americans are obese.
Anyway...if you have any info on this station email or leave a comment. A free Big Pounder will be yours with correct station identification.*

*This is a lie.


  1. WPMX in Statesboro, GA? They have a Buffalo's Cafe there.

  2. I thought about WPMX and it's quite possible....though it would be unusual to flip from Classic Hits to Adult Contemporary and keep the same "Eagle" branding.

  3. I was going to suggest WPMX as well, but they have an entirely different logo from the one pictured above. I also can't find anything on the net about them possibly being Classic Hits in 97. Damn, I wanted that Big Pounder so bad!