Tuesday, October 13, 2009


A few stickers from "Star" branded stations, a name so stunningly boring it makes "Mix" stations look exciting by comparison. It's the radio equivalent of naming your dog Spot. My records show that I have 60 stickers from "Star" stations...here are three of them:

CFSR is an Adult Contemporary station licensed to Abbotsford, British Columbia. It's a repeater station of 98.3 CKSR from nearby Chilliwack, BC.

KIOI is a Hot Adult Contemporary station from San Francisco, California. Around 2001 "Star 101.3" had an 80s emphasis in their playlist but they're now a traditional Hot AC outlet. The KIOI call letters come from their 101 position on the radio dial.

WBAM was a Top-40 station from Montgomery, AlaBAMa. They're currently a Country station known as "Bama Country 98.9" with the same call letters.


  1. Actually CFSR in Hope is located at 100.5 and has never had a sticker (that I know of) since the stations previous life as CKGO 1240 when they were local.

    The scanned sticker above was from the old CFSR 107.1 in Abbotsford which was also a Star FM Chilliwack repeater up until a few years ago when they dumped the simulcast to become CKQC (Country 107.1).

    Confusing? Rogers (the owners) always seem to make things confusing for us radio freaks. Oh by the way, the calls for Hope back in this era were CKSR-1.

  2. Thanks for the correction. Not sure why I wrote that CFSR's COL is Hope since my records also say Abbotsford. I also have two CFSR stickers with a different logo (that you probably sent me) from "Star FM" located at 104.9. Yes, it is very confusing.

  3. Those Star FM 104.9 stickers you have Greg are from the original CFSR which was also licensed to Abbotsford in the 90’s. Somehow Rogers sneakily got approval to move the station to Vancouver in 2000. It became Alternative Rocker CKVX (XFM) then Smooth Jazz CKCL (Clear FM) and today it’s Oldies 104.9 (still with the CKCL calls, for now).