Friday, October 23, 2009


My son is recovering from the flu and stayed home from school again today. He was feeling better so after I lost to him in a game of Life we watched Stand By Me. Somehow I had gone all these years without seeing this 1986 movie about 4 kids who make a two-day hike to find a dead body. It’s set in Oregon circa 1959 and radio plays a small role. A “Boss Jock” DJ from the fictional K-L-A-M is heard in a couple voiceovers as well as a participant in a pie eating contest. The pie scene ends in a gloriously disgusting Barf-O-Rama which will never be forgotten by anyone who’s ever seen this movie.

There exists an actual station with the call letters KLAM located in Cordova, Alaska. “1450 The Clam” first went on the air in 1954 and today airs a mix of Country, Classic Rock and Talk. Cordova was known as the “Clam Capital of the World” until an earthqauke destroyed the local clam beds in 1964.

This is a dual sticker with KLAM's sister station KCDV "100.9 FM The Eagle."

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