Saturday, October 24, 2009

National Bologna Day

I got an email from a friend yesterday which ended like this:

"PS tomorrow is National Bologna Day. How will you celebrate and can you find a radio sticker to go with it. YOU HAVE BEEN CHALLENGED!!!!!!"

Love FM is a radio station located in, wait for it.....BOLOGNA, Italy. Actually it’s one of at least 7 Love FM stations throughout the country. I listened to the one from Bologna and one from Bari while writing this and they’re pretty much an Adult Contemporary station: Madonna, REM, Tears For Fears, a song called “Music and Lights” by Imagination (which sounded an awful like Kool & the Gang) and a long-forgotten gem, “Voices” by Russ Ballard. The two stations had separate programming so I guess Love FM wouldn’t be considered a network. Didn’t hear any DJs but I did hear what I think was the news. Station IDs were in both English and Italian.

There was a bologna factory where I used to live in Palmyra, Pennsylvania. Seltzer's Smokehouse Meats specializes in Lebanon bologna, a smoky, tangy beef sausage which was a childhood food staple (along with other regional favorites like birch beer and Tastykakes.)

So there you go, Jeff. A balogna-related Radio Sticker of the Day post. Happy?

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