Friday, November 13, 2015


1550 AM WNTN signed on the air in 1968 from the Boston suburb of (W) NewToN, Massachusetts.  After a year of playing MOR music, they switched to a Free Form/Progressive Rock format which lasted until 1976.  Howard Stern's first professional radio job was at WNTN for a brief time starting in December, 1975.  Format changes to Disco, Adult Contemporary and Oldies followed and by the late 1980s they were a Talk station.  WNTN is a daytime-only operation (only 3 watts at night) and currently broadcasts a community-based format of sports, talk, music and news much of which is aimed at Boston's ethnic residents.  Programs broadcast in Greek, Indian, Hatian Creole and Arabic languages can be heard as well as shows for the area's large Irish population.


  1. Say Greg, Can You Find & Upload Some WQUE FM & AM Stickers Back When They Were A Top 40/CHR/CHUrban Station?